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 Sonic Adventure: Fires of Liberation

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PostSubject: Sonic Adventure: Fires of Liberation   Mon Dec 28, 2009 8:04 pm

Alternate Titles:
Sonic Adventure 3: Unknown Apocalypse
Game Theme:

Location:North Point
Date:June 6th 2050 1200 hours
Description:Transoprt troops fast and eficiently
"All systems are go! Sir we are ready to transport!" "alright, Private! Are you ready?" said the commander. "you sure this thing is safe?" said the private. "Im sure, Sand Island are you ready?" "This is Sand Island are you sure this will work Mobius 1?" "Yes I'm sure... Private Enter the portal." Just then the test chamber shook and the portal started to explode. "Commence system shutdown! AH s IT AINT SHUTTIN DOWN!" "just get out of the...." Mobius 1 was cut off. Just then the entire Isalnd nation of north point was teleported to another location unspecified and unknown. Mobius 1 got up "...uhhh, wait... am I dead? I dont feel dead? IF THIS IS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE DEAD THEN BEING DEAD SUCKS"! "Sir...your not dead..." said Captain Heinrich "though the radar and computers are malfunctioning." "Sir!" Said Sergent Viktor "we have Incoming Bogies!"Viktor studies the computer "They are under the flag of Gardian... Unit... Of Nations?"
"contact them!" Orders Mobius 1"NOW!" "Unidentified aircraft? you have entered a restricted airspace please leave or we will be forced to open fire!" suddenly missle shots are sounded and the aircraft are destroyed. "Bandits are down or no factor." shouted commandant Arkady "this is AWACS Eagle Eye New aircraft is spotted, paint scheme is Blue and Yellow Unidentified type but looks to be a Biplane of some sorts....wait sir I can get into his radio alright I'm in."
"hey Tails I need some help here, WOAH! GUN's on my tail....again"
"don't worry sonic I'm on my way!"
*lost transmition*
"dagnabit lost the transmission." Spouted Eagle Eye.
Three days later
Date:June 9th 2010 1400 hours

"report?" said Mobius 1
"repairs are procceding smoothly and our network and defenses are back online" Reported Captain Heinrich"well Im just glad our defense network is back online." "also sir the fleet is in posi..." Suddenly captain Heinrich was kicked across the face and laying on the ground in front of him stood a medium sized Black and red hedgehog
"hm..." said the hedgehog
"who are you and why did you kick my friend in the face?" Demmanded Mobius 1
"I'm shadow, Shadow the hedgehog."
"heh... you can talk.... Heinrich get up! Anyway...Shadow? I can shoot you right here for aggresion against UPEO or... you can fight for us."
"well...Mobius 1 I like your side but... It's Two on one..." said shadow
"wait what?" suddenly mobius was laying on the ground in pain. "ugh... my hea...."
in front of him was a female purple cat standing in front of him.
"what shadow means is... we'll join you." the cat helped Mobius 1 up" My name is Blaze."

Location:Central City
Time: June 9th 1530 hrs.

A large room, in it was 5 guards along with one general pacing back and forth, in front of him were three chairs in it were three tied up people In one was a pink hedgheog named Amy Rose in the right chair sat Tails the Fox and In the middle one was Sonic
"so as you can see Sonic not even your friends can help you. So why won't you just fight for us?!"
Said the general
"Well I just don't trust you thats all." Argued Sonic
"why don't you trust us?"
"well first off everytime I see one of your soldiers they're either trying to kill me or one of my friends."
"yes however if you join us that will all be a thing of the past." said the general

"Sonic! Just join him!" Yelled amy
"yeah I like living!" Yelled tails
"fine... I better not do all the heavy lifting here..." sonic sighed

"you wont regret joining us sir!" smiled the general

"I think I already have..." Grunted sonic

Est. 1950
A self defense force designed against terrorism and anything else that could disturb the peace. Their GHQ is in Central City, United Federation. Though they have many prisons and a n extremely large army and the highest technology their perimeters are constantly breached. One of their first operations was to stop Project Shadow and succeded in detaining both the prototype Biolizard and it's creator Gerald Robotnik who went insane after hearing of his daughter's death. Now it's combat records have been high and it has defended against terrorism and aliens, it is the most highly regarded fighting force on the planet.



standard armament:
M-16 M-9

Special vehicles:
Scorpion troops




Est. 2030
Originaly known as the Idependant State Allied Forces (ISAF) It's predessor defense force disbanded after it's main Rival Erusea Capitulated in the Continental War (2004-2005). Now instead of defending the continent of Usea only, The Universal Peace Enforcement Organization defends the world in the new age. UPEO holds an extremely large and advanced Airforce it's two main planes the X-49 Nightraven and the ADF-01 Falken. They do not advance into conflict easy however and only assist in war when it is absolutely nessicary. They're main rival now in earth's age of 2050 is Neucom Inc.


Special Vehicle:
ADF-01 Falken



Mobius 1:

You will either be one of the six heroes or a UPEO/GUN infantryman
If you will be one of the heroes stop reading here and proceed to the bottom of the post
if you are an Infantry man:
1.State your alliance
2.State weaponry
3.State your name
4.State speciality as in like Pilot, Medic, whatever

I decide whatever in a debate if you can't handle yourselves
I am the Game mod I say what I want

Copy and paste:


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Sonic Adventure: Fires of Liberation
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