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 Fan Characters

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PostSubject: Fan Characters   Fan Characters EmptySun May 10, 2009 2:33 pm

This is a topic where you can give a description and discuss about any Fan Characters that you have created for the use in Fan Fictions and Role Playing Games.

A true Tails Fan from the beginning, to the end!
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Shadow dude 64
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Shadow dude 64

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PostSubject: Re: Fan Characters   Fan Characters EmptySun May 10, 2009 2:41 pm

Name: Bloodshot
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Hedgehog
Pic: Fan Characters Bloodshot
Colour: Dark red
Personality: Angry, rarely happy.
Bio: Bloodshot is the protecter of the Master Sol emerald. His friend is Blaze the cat.
He has a brother called Spark and another called Kicks. His greatest enemy is DarkRah.
DarkRah killed Bloodshots Parents and now he wants revenge for this.
Weakness: Cold places.
Advantedges: Hot places.
Weapon: Samurai sword
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PostSubject: Re: Fan Characters   Fan Characters EmptySun May 10, 2009 3:52 pm

Name:Kevin Wolf

Fan Characters Drew008e

Dark Gray-fur,
light grey-chest hair and muzzle,inner ear
Blood red-Jacket
(working on picture)

Personality:Cold...a "lone wolf"(no pun intended),unwilling to open up,only to good friends.very nice and easygoing otherwise...

Features:Fur on muzzles like Tails,Unruly fur,jacket goes down to ankles,meters on gloves indicate power limit(forcibly limiting his powers)
Shoes are black and purple,sonic styled,except no buckles and runs long ways.

Skills:"Lone werewolf form"(I designed this FC before SU was even conceived)in which,during a rare occasion,Kevin becomes enraged,his fur becomes more wild,grows to vector size,and tears off gloves,and then his eyes turn red,he rips apart jacket,and has immesurable strength(ONLY DURING SUPER FORM,RIVALING SUPER/HYPER KNUX STRENGTH,OR WERE FORM,RIVALING SUPER/HYPER KNUX STRENGTH.Only ends when a condition for transformation is gone.
Strength/power-The meters on his gloves specify his limit for power(I wanted a strong dude,but not able to easily over power any character,so I invented these puppies to limit him)he sets them to a strength rivaling Knuckles',but not stronger.
Super form-Fur turns Metallic Silver,Pupils and Irisis disappear from eyes,ears get longer,gloves are destroyed,as is the jacket,and his fur gets refined...

Theme(normal): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxE7Ey2RdEY
Theme(Were form): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XBbJFLU9dY&feature=related
Theme(Super form): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMlpwQVL5ZE

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PostSubject: Re: Fan Characters   Fan Characters EmptySun May 10, 2009 7:54 pm

Here all mine, WARNING: REALLY LONG!

Full Name: Merowth The Meowth
Nicknames: Spaz Cat
Age: 18 (In cat years)
Strengths: Claws, Fangs, any thing else meowth can laern, and Randomness
Weakness: Dogs, water, and any other large animal.
Description: A meowth that were a blue scarf and talks (Go to my deviant art profile to see him.(Gamercolin is my name there).)
As seen in: Shadow of the Wind
Facts: He is the cat of Flames The hedgehog
Bios/Story: A meowth caught in kanto and was handed over to Flames who has taught him how to talk.

Full Name:Flames the Hedgehog
Nicknames: Burning Fire, Static Wave.
Strengths:Fire, thunder
Weakness:The own chaos flames that burn inside him.
Description: A hedgehog with 2 spikes going vertical, and two off to the side of those pointing upwards. He is orange with yellow stripes that are on the bottom of his spikes. He has a furry cheat like shadow, a black trench coat, and orange shoes with flame buckles and a black strap on each shoe.
As seen in: Shadow of the Wind
Facts: The Chaos Flames are mostly in his coat, if they are sepperated his true power with The Flames are limitless.
Bios/Story:He once was part of the Dark Force, on his first mission he was sent to get the Chaos Flames. He got the Flames, but they saw him as a host. The flames were trapped inside of him and he rose in rank very fast. But when he wanted more than to be evil, he blew up their base and setoff to help others in need. Later when he teamed up with Nick the Foxid and Merowth the Meowth, they found the Chaos Thunder. Flames also took up that power to counter the Chaos Flames.

Full Name:Nick the foxid(Half Fox And echidna)
Strengths: Fire/Ice
Weakness: The evil monkey in his closet.
Description: Looks like an echidna with a furry muzzal, two tails, shoes like tikal, and a black shirt and pants with a black belt.
As seen in: Shadow of the Wind
Facts: He is wanted by the government all around the world
Bios/Story: He was part of an tribe that was the foxids. They were the most peaceful tribe ever, untill Eggman. He killed them all, all except one. Nick was only 10 at he time, but he has become power ful and is frinds with Flames. he seeks the same porpose as Flames, but to also take down eggman. Since then he has teamed up with Flames the Hedgehog and Merowth the Meowth.

Name: SpeedShoes
Nicknames: Speedy, BloodHog, FuseShoes
Appears in: none
Description: A brownish red colored hedgehog with his hair in all directions, wearing black hand cuffs that are spiked, and both his ears are pierced.
Strengths: His speed that is in his shoes, strength, and psychic powers.
Weaknesses: Fire, and Ice
Fears: The demon of souls, and The Demon of Storms
Bio: A hedgehog that wore shoes of max speed. But the day he ran ito a train holding toxic waste his shoes fused to his body, his light green fur turned a brownish red, and gained other abilites. Since then he has hidden from every one, the ones he loved turned him down do to his powers and apearence.

Full Name: Anatroppsūkh (Means to reverse souls)
Nicknames: Reverse Heart, Leader of opposite
Age: well over since the Earth was created.
Strengths: levitation, Phychic powers, physical strenght, and darkness powers.
Weakness: Fire, water, earth, and air; the 4 main elements.
Description: An Echidna with a torn brown cloak, Black fur, woven shoes made of a brown fiber, brown fingerless gloves, and a marking of a turned over red 3 pointed crown on his chest.
As seen in: An upcoming RP
Facts: The one who created the world of reverse that is the foundation for the real world itself. If a part of the world of reverse is destroyed then it will have a strong effect on the real world.
Bio: Created since the earth began and he created the world of reverse to balance out the real world. He gaurds the world, but nothing ever bad happens to the world. So he doesn't really worry about any that happens to the world, or so he thinks....
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PostSubject: Re: Fan Characters   Fan Characters EmptySat May 16, 2009 3:05 pm

Name: Sapphire
Gender: Female
Species: Hedgehog
Age: 15
Appearance: Light blue spines (like Sonic's) with silver streaks, slightly short, black jacket/vest
Eye Color: Gray
Abilities: Telekinesis, partial future seeing, super speed.
Weaknesses: Trusting, is claustrophobic and can't stand being in one place, hates thinking over fighting.
Personality: Care-free, can't stand when others try to help her when she doesn't need help, sarcastic.
Likes: open spaces, flying with her telekinesis, the friends she has.
Dislikes: Closed spaces
Facts: May have family somewhere; has a super form (turns dark blue with black streaks)

Not good at drawing, sooo, no picture probably ever, unless someone would be kind enough to draw me one.
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kyilecool 2

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PostSubject: Re: Fan Characters   Fan Characters EmptyTue Aug 18, 2009 9:17 pm

full name: E-200 t homre
nickname: homre
species: robot/fox
age: unknown
strength: far range attacks, as well as a laser pistol built in one hand.
weakness: moves slow, as well as heavy, and uses only one hand.
abilitys: ground: laser pistol, spin dash, charged lasor pistol. air: meteor strike, face plant kick. underwater: ink powder, all of the ground attacks.
description: homre is a robot that has a waterproof metal, has eyes the same as gamma, and has jets on his back.


whatever, i still like skiing, even though i live in tulsa -_- its just a game that wounded me towards this hobby.
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PostSubject: Re: Fan Characters   Fan Characters EmptyThu Dec 10, 2009 11:38 am

My main FC

Name:Shadow122 the Hedgehog Clone of the Ultimate Life-Form
Age:Unknown(over 1,000,000,000,000,000 ect.)
Male or Female:Male
God(Sonic/Eggman/None):Sonic (neutral so he could side with Eggman)
Strength:He has all the abilities of the original Shadow plus the speed and attitude of Sonic.
Weakness:He hates ghost and being tourchered.
Description:Looks exactly like Shadow except he is fully white with green highlights.
Facts: don't get him angry...
Bio/Story:Shadow was a young hedgehog who lived peacefully in the village of Knothole with his huge family. Growing up as the youngest out of 10 sisters and 40 brothers he was the center of family jokes. He trained hard everyday trying to prove himself as the greatest hedgehog alive in Knothole. One day his father Forlin the Hedgehog gave him the power of the dark being named Exodius.
Later when he was suppose to be married to a girl named Angel the Echinda his mother forced him to marry Mina the Cat in-which he had the child Shade. Later he learned that Robotnik was planning to attack Knothole and kill every animal on the planet of Mobius. Together he and his brother Diaxos put a stop to Eggmans evil plans before a group named the Nurambi came and destroyed his home land where he and his brothers(and sisters)went to earth.
Shadow was seperated by his family and sought refuge in a city named Station Square where he made his first friend Razor. Razor and Shadow went on a rescue misson to save the real Shadow and Sonic when Shadow was captured by Eggman while Razor got away. Eggman then used the DNA of Shadow and Sonic to create Shadow122 the ultimate clone that could destroy a planet with a single punch.
Shadow went out into the world as his new self and found out about the G.U.N. He ran to save a bull named Yentar that was really his brother Draynor who just got recently captured by the police force. Shadow and Yentar engaged in battle shortly after the rescue allowing Mina the Cat to aid Yentar defeating Shadow. Diaxos who turned evil aswell attacked Shadow and Razor as they were searching for Yentar and Mina.
Later Shadow lost his memory in a huge battle with Koro the Wolf his new arch rival. Shadow not remembering Razor attacked him on the spot and Koro had to step in to save Razor from Shadows deadly onslaught. Shadow then made many friends at Doctor Thompson's party over learning about the Crush Emerald. Later he went and found Yentar and Mina and defeated them by going into his dark form of Exodius.
He was soon married to Angel having Flare the Hedgehog and changing the look of his first son Shade. He left Station Square to help Koro and Fuego along with many other heroes to fight the evil parasites called the Dark Clouds who they defeated years later. He then met Lilith the cat as another result to another adventure and had the child Zerrina the Cat.
He then fell in love with Alaia the Fox having Saturn the Hedgehog. Now his occupation is to protect earth and fend off his evil family. Shadow then found out that if you love someone be sure they'll be there for you all the way and soon turned dark because of this...He now is turning eviler inside...
Life for Shadow took on its toll and he is not immortally immune too everything unless he is beaten senseless and severely injured. Shadow has acquired the...Shall i say...Power of The Ruins and uses it for good.

Shadows' Abilities:
Shadow has many special abilities and forms which need him inorder too change be a tough spot or have something that he can use too become these forms or use these powers. I just wanted too list some of the most important and soon too come.

Dark Flare Shadow:As we all know this is Shadows' evil form where Exodius could step in and take controll of his body. In order too gain this ability he would have too be really mad or sad.

Flaring Shadow:This is a form Shadow aquired when he was thought destroyed by his brother Diaxos when he threw him into the sun. The actually outcome was him absorbing the suns rays and growing heat within his body. He can channel in and out of this form at will, but he will mostly take the chance too form when by fire or attacked by fire.

Sol Flare Shadow:Sol Flare Shadow is a form he has aquired when he went on a impeculiar adventure with Koro and Fuego (Dark Clouds & Sytchs Saga). Here he was able too use Koros Solar Emereld too transform into a being made of purely "Solar" energy. In order too use this form he must be holding or near the "Solar Emerald".

Shadow Fusions:Shadow has fused with many in the past (mostly Koro) too fight off monster, or too escape some predicument. His many recent fusions have been (Koro & Shadow-Shadoro, Shadow & Tarus-Shadara).

The Destroyer:*Bzzt* *Bzzt* information on this selected file deleted from the archives of Dr.Eggman *bzzt* bzzt*

There is alot more too Shadows life than all i have listed here but i cannot explain it all within this short page they give us too type on so now i will list his soon too come and now avalible forms.

Uneven Shadow:Uneven Shadow is where he will die and his soul will float from his body. His body will still be tact except he will lose all organs (besides the brain). This will make im a hallow shell and the only organ alive in his body is the brain which enables him too still talk and fight. In this form he will be unable too be killed...You can beat him around for heck sakes but he will not be totally destroyed in this form. In order too change back he must transfer his soul back into the body before a 5 minute time limit is up only allowing him a short time too fly back in. If while in this state of mind engulfed by fire that fire can be sucked in his body and kept there untill he decides too release it. This will be the most interesting of forms i have given Shadow and hope you all will find it the same when i release it.


I just wanted too list some important members of Shadows DNA and biological family.
Mina(deseaced wife)
Alaia(Divoriced wife)
Kent(Biological-Belongs too SilverX)

(Almost everyone rival)
(Almost everyone that i list has some kind of enemy that hates Shadow)
(PM me if theres anyone i forgot and should list)
(Projects:Currently working on a FF)
(Longest bio ever and the best one yet!)
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