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 Rules And Expectations

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Hideout Founder

PostSubject: Rules And Expectations   Tue Apr 21, 2009 6:42 pm

Hello, and welcome to the Angel Island Hideout. For new users please read the following rules before becoming incredibly involved in site activities.

1) No cursing, racial slurs or anything that another user may find extremely offencive. We are all different and unique in our own ways, and more imoprtantly, we need to respect these differences between one another

2) No fighting against one another. A simple debate can be held to give strong points over certain opinions, but it should not come to the point where users are beginning to insult each other over their opinion. We are here to discuss about certain topics, but it should never have to come to the point as mentioned above. Topics that have a debate that becomes out of hand will be locked by Administration and Moderation staff. Please be respectful to each others opinions so the board can run efficiently and be enjoyable to everybody that is a member.

3) No spamming. There are certain questions that may only need a one word answer, or could be answered with just an emoticon, but this is only when the timing for the such is proper. Any message that does not use proper timing for the such will be removed without notice.

4) Have fun. This site was created for both casual discussion, and discussion about the Sonic series. This site was created for the enjoyment of the user, so feel free to use the site to it's full potential.

Thank you, and we all hope you enjoy your time here.

The Angel Island Hideout Administration Team

A true Tails Fan from the beginning, to the end!

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Rules And Expectations
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